Hi, my name is Sonia and I am studying my Bachelor of Education specialising in Early Childhood. This site is a mixture of thoughts, teaching knowledge and resources, ideas and a journey forward as I reflect upon the journey travelled.

I stopped using this in 2014 as the University have their own e-portfolio area unfortunately it is not what I thought it would be once it came time to move on. I need a journey that will take me forward for a few years yet to come. I feel like I have my wings clipped having to always use that particular electronic environment.

I moved to Townsville, Qld Australia, toward the end of 2013. I lived at Kelso for four years but recently moved to Yabulu which is close to Bluewater. I still see it as Townsville as it is only 20mins drive from Town but it is a quieter and slower pace.

I was planning on moving into a more remote situation of teaching next year but family is the most important part of my life and I need to be accessible by train or plane for a couple of years longer. Uncle Tony Weightman advised me to plant my feet where I went to see how connected I feel to the land and let it tell me where I should be.

It worked and it is time to start writing my own story.

From here my journey begins…

You are welcome to comment and/or share ideas in/from my blog and/or contact me on twitter @soniased.


20 Responses to About

  1. tegs6 says:

    Hi Sonia, It is lovely meeting you! I’m Teagan, I am a former child care group leader of 6 years and currently a stay at home mum while I study. I have just started following you on twitter. I am @teaganchilds if you are looking to follow some other students of EDC3100 on there 🙂

  2. u1015667 says:

    Hi Sonia, Wow!! Your blog is fantastic. You have worked hard putting the content together. I am working as a Teacher’s Aide in prep and can honestly say that I don’t agree with the education system all the time either. With the new curriculum and the many changes in each year level there are many teachers not keeping up and many students missing out as they fall behind. – I don’t hate the new curriculum but theres things missing, particularly the importance of play.Hopefully I will keep in touch with you throughout the course. Good luck with things. – I have a twitter account set up that is just under pamelajory if you would like to follow me.

    • I would love to Pam, its funny how perspectives differ. I love the AC compared to what was previous in EQ.I also love the way it can be improved upon. I understand what you are saying in regards to play but I think the concept of play alters in an older setting. Don’t get me wrong, I worked in partnership to set up Playgroup at the school and promote learning through play with the under 5s. I think the concepts of play alters at schools and I am not sure why and think a classroom environment will continue be increasingly important as does the way we teach. I am undecided as to good vs bad and have some alternate ed. ideas. I see a lot of students in the playground and its not a positive experience, nor is it interesting for many (unless you are sports minded of course). Having a break is not the same as play. Cross curricular subjects eg. EC math during HPE gets children active and building upon those social skills but I see play can be part of the concept delivery in a lesson that engages the student or self exploration. Irrespective of these views ICT is something that we need to learn how to use rather than just use. As you mentioned change is hard and some teachers are not keeping up and students suffer. Hopefully we can learn how to connect so our students are not in those groups.

  3. robdeb1966 says:

    Hi Sonia, I was feeling a little overwhelmed this morning with redesigning my page so I though I would visit your page. You have done an amazing job, very inspirational, thank you.

    • Thanks Debbie, it is overwhelming at times but that is just David evoking emotions for us to relate to other teachers and possibly students. You are not alone. I like the imagery you have chosen and I am guessing we may redesign a few times before the end of S2. 🙂 IF we follow the studydesk and tick the boxes we should have learned something to help our teaching. I like the ticks as I have been lost on tangents a few times.

  4. Hi Sonia,
    Your page is amazing. I am still playing around with mine, especially trying to get things in the right spots – a bit of a challenge, but hopefully I will get there. I look forward to sharing this learning journey with you.

  5. Likewise Donna, it feels like it will be an exciting journey.

  6. Kim MacKay says:

    Hi Sonia
    A lot of work has gone into your site, it looks wonderful. Your idea of a virtual classroom sounds exciting, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have access to resources that could provide that. I work as a teacher aide working with special needs children and the principal has told me of a school where every child has access to an ipad. What could we do with that!

  7. Hi Kim, I was at the ALEA conference a couple weekends ago and in an ICT/literacies workshop people were asked what type of ICTs they had in the class and I was surprised that about 5 had a one to one ratio re:ipads. Most but not all were private schools. I guess that is where we are heading though. It also highlighted the contrast though to the ones that had virtually nothing to work with. ICTs and special needs have huge progressions together, that will be very interesting for you. One suggestion was even using the WII with special needs for hand eye coordination and communication. With the correct mindset the future looks exciting for us.

  8. Nadine says:

    Great to read some honesty in a blog, thought I would be the only struggling to see the use of technology in such settings. Love your passion for education reaching those in outer rural areas of Australia, not many people see the great divide between educational/life opportunities given to the students in the cities as opposed to kids out in the bush. I too have a strong passion for working in low socio-economic areas and wanting to give every child the best start to life, and this can be delivered through the tool of education and resulting in meeting many needs. Looking forward to seeing how your prac goes, any idea’s on where you will be yet? In Townsville or out?

    • Hi Nadine, Thanks, I am passionate about children that are in need of support, My prac I am hoping is on the outskirts of Townsville. I thought it was just the outer suburbs but it is zoned rural. Where about are you?

      • Nadine says:

        Honestly I have no idea….. that sounds promising doesn’t it! I live in the Meringandan area (30mins north of Toowoomba) and so I assume it might (hopefully) be a smaller school out this way. I would love to get a small school with multigrades

      • Yes, that would be interesting. You would definitely be focused on the individual that way as well. All the best!! 🙂

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  10. Hi Sonia,

    You did well in your blog page and there is lots of information people can read through it. By the way, I am Chin Wei (Shireen) from Malaysia, Segi College. This is my first blog and I’m not familiar with my blog yet. Anyways, I will complete my blog as soon as possible by this week. I started to create my Twitter few week ago (@SweetHeartCW). Let’s learn together. God bless you. 🙂

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